At The Movies

I went to the movies the other day, the movie theater is not too far away, so I walked and for some some strange reason I went to see the new “Woody Allen” movie called “Vicky Kristina Barcelona”. Don’t ask me why I went to see an Allen movie, I haven’t been much of a Woody fan, ever since his ridiculous marriage some years back. I guess I just wanted to see pictures of a foreign country, especially some place that I hadn’t been too and that I might enjoy visiting in the near future.

Barcelona fit the bill pretty well, so I entered the theater, not really expecting much in the way of entertainment, except for a lot of interesting images of some Gaudi architecture.

I guess there are some advantages to walking into the cinema with low expectations and one of them is that it is easier to walk out with an enjoyable movie-going experience.

That is exactly what happened on that day a couple of weeks ago. I enjoyed the movie. It was a charming, fun and engaging story and all those scenes that were filmed in front of the Gaudi architecture weren’t too bad either.

Now I am faced with the embarassing situation of having enjoyed a film that I never thought I would ever go see, much less enjoy. Here’s a picture taken outside the theater of an advertisemnt for a different movie.

View of a movie poster at the cinema
View of a movie poster at the cinema

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