My New Year’s Resolution

Snow gnomes mysteriously appear after heavy snowfall.
Snow gnomes mysteriously appear after heavy snowfall.

Season’s Greetings from Portland, Maine. I hope everyone  had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  I enjoyed mine quite a bit and in fact this year winter came in with a roar choosing to leave us with several feet of snow. As a result Christmas actually resembled a winter wonderland, even though Christmas Day was quite warm. However, by New Year’s Day we were back in the deep freeze again. Very cold and not too much snow coming down, but there is  a little bit in the forecast.


December was a horrible month for me as far as blogging went, so my resolution this year is going to spend more time posting here at word press. I think I only got a few posts up during the whole month of December, a fact which I hope to rectify in this beginning new year.


Wow!! It just seems like yesterday that we were entering a new century and now here we are almost a whole decade into the 21st Century. And the world has not to come to an end either.  However,  the threat of apocalyptic  destruction,  forever remains with us, although happily  just as a  small thought  in  a  small  section of one’s gray matter.

THE  ROAD  by Cormac McCarthy

All of this reminds me why I could not finish the popular novel that is soon to be released as a movie. I returned my copy of the “The Road” to the library the other day, and I was embarrassed to say that I had only read a third of the book. The best excuse I could think of  was that I did not really like post-apocalyptic writing. Which is true, but McCarthy is such a good writer that I hate to admit something like that.

And “The Road” has some very powerful writing, at least over the course of the beginning. His blogger style of page layout is quite unique and effective and I think it makes his book very easy to read. My guess, is that this spacing of the paragraphs (usually relatively short ones) may become the wave of the future. The printed page looks like something you might see on the web with a half dozen or so paragraphs covering one page with large spaces between each one. My guess that each space is triple or quadruple space. It works very nicely, but don’t ever think this is done to compensate for writing skill, for this story is an amazing example of the power of language to take the reader to a bleak and snowy post-apocalyptic world, a task that Cormac accomplishes with amazing ease and verbal dexterity.


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