Snowstorm on Oscar Night

Winter Sign
Winter Sign

Here’s the morning after Oscar night. We had a major snowstorm here in Portland, Maine, on Sunday night. I enjoyed the snow cause it was fun to walk around in and I don’t have a car so I don’t have to worry about parking. Not everybody where I live feels that way.

Anyway the walk last home was quite beautiful. Several inches had already fallen and it was still snowing heavily as I left the place, where i worked and skirted the waterfront, and the old city till I got home.

The streets were nearly deserted except some local foot traffic coming home from the bars and a bunch of snows.

And then when I got home I got to see  who had collected the most awards. Look likes “Slumdog Millionaire” took home a bunch of the tiny statues with some of them going all the way back to India, where the film was put together.

No surprise here than it won best picture and best music score. I enjoyed the film as well as the picture. It was a timeless story told in a luscious way. The romp through Mumbai, the Taj Mahal and other places was wonderful. The story may have been more fiction than fact, but that is what the movies is all about isn’t it.

A Bird House After a winter Snow Storm
A Bird House After a winter Snow Storm

Here’s another picture of the snow storm. It doesn’t look like any birds will be nesting here for a while.


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