First Day of Spring

 A Prominent Solar Prominence from SOHO
A Prominent Solar Prominence from SOHO

A Prominent Solar Prominence from SOHO
Credit: SOHOEIT Consortium, ESA, NASA
It’s the first day of spring although it sure doesn’t feel very much like it here in Portland as the overnight temperatures are headed for the teens and then maybe back up to the mid-thirties tomorrow.

Still, the long cold winter is over and everyone is looking forward to the summer, which can’t too far away. I thought this unusual picture of the sun might be good to light the hearts of whoever might need it. What a furnace out star is and how she lights up the day, but what a furnace and fiery inferno she really is, especially up close.

This fascinating picture brings to mind a fascinating book that I just finished reading. It is a book about science fiction. It is not a science fiction story per se, but instead it is a book about how to write science fiction. How I came to read such a tale is a mystery, for I seldom read science fiction and I have no plans to write any in the future. Fantasy perhaps, but science fiction ( and I do use the word very strictly is pretty much beyond my realm).

With all that said and done, I can now say that I thoroughly enjoyed reading “How To Write Science Fiction and Fantasy” by Orson Scott Card, even though I have never read any fiction by the author. The guy really knows how to write and reading his 140 page launch into the fascinating subject was never a dull ride. From debunking the scientific myths of “Star Trek” to some fascinating discussion of real and possible extra terrestrial voyages, Card takes the reader on a wonderful journey not only through the nuts and bolts of science fiction writing, but also a fascinating glimpse into his own successful emergence as a science fiction writer. Check it out, you’ll like it.


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