Mark Twain Comes Out With New Unpublished Collection of Essays and Stories

The Hale-Bopp Comet as seen in 1997
The Hale-Bopp Comet as seen in 1997

Samuel Clemens may have died when Haley’s Comet passed by earth on it’s awesome journey nearly a hundred years ago, but Mark Twain lives on, at least in the hearts and minds of readers all around the globe. Next month those of us, who can never get enough of the literary giant will be treated with special release of unpublished short stories next month by the publisher Harper Studio.

In an online article posted a couple of weeks ago by the Guardian Online, it has been announced this collection of unpublished short stories and essays will be released next month in book format. The collection has been edited by Robert Hirsh of the Mark Twain Project and they will be featured this spring in the noted literary magazine, The Strand.

So for you Mark Twain fans, who want to keep reading, next month you will get the chance.

And for all those, who thoroughly enjoy Jack Kerouac, hope is just around the corner in the April release of “The Sea Is My Brother”. This is an unpublished Kerouac novel to be put out by the very same publisher, Harper Studio.

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