The Sea is My brother

Land's End in the Gaspe region of Quebec, Canada
Land's End in the Gaspe region of Quebec, Canada

When I recently read the news release that an unpublished novel of Jack Kerouac called “The Sea Is My Brother” is planned for release this year, I immediately thought of my travels that I once made to Land’s End in Quebec. Before you in the photograph is the easternmost edge of the Gaspe’ Peninsula just before it disappears into the sea.  The title of the new book makes me think of this beautiful place.

Even though Jack was of French-Canadian descent I am not aware that he ever visited this part of Quebec. Too bad he might have enjoyed the rustic, windswept loneliness of this part of Eastern Canada, where the land and sea merge in a very abrupt fashion.

But back to the subject at hand, new releases by the great American man of letters, who has been dead for nearly forty years now. With the release of “The Hippos Were Boiled Alive In their Tanks” and now “The Sea Is My Brother”, Jack Kerouac fans are being treated with two Kerouac novels in two years. OK, the Hippos was jointly written by William Burroughs, as well as Kerouac, but you get the point. Two new novels by any Beat writer is something to cheer about.

The Hippo story has done quite well and so it will be interesting to watch this new story that was penned by Mr. Kerouac, himself, as he journeyed across the “Seven Seas” as a Merchant Marine in 1942. Wow, there was a war going on then, folks and the Merchant Fleet was definitely not a safe place to be. This could be a very interesting story. Stay tuned! This might get interesting.


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