Never Judge A Book By Its Cover

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A few weeks I took the local metro bus to one of those large, Walmart-styled book centers, bought myself a large mocha latte and spent several hours browsing the stacks just to see what was new in the publishing world.

I found a book on writing that I liked, so I bought it and brought the book home with me on the bus. It was a witty, sometime feisty treatise and how to negotiate the ups and downs of becoming a writer, written by an interesting young writer from the other coast, Portland, Oregon to be exact. The book has a catchy title too, HOW TO BECOME A FAMOUS WRITER BEFORE YOU’RE DEAD.

Now folks this book is living proof of the old proverb that you should never judge a book by its cover or at least by its title, for despite the title the book is fun romp through the ins and outs of becoming a published author, by an author, Ariel Gore, though successful, not really famous. Her advice is really very practical and down to earth and it comes from an author who had a large book contract come her way at a relatively young age. But this lucrative deal turned out to be a one book deal. And so the story goes from big success to literary survival, which actually was rather simple and straightforward – find a small publisher for your the second, third and fourth published titles.

In fact, this whole literary effort is chock full of sage advice from how to find an agent, how to publicize your latest published effort and even some sage advice on writing. And if you like this piece of writing there is more from the same author, including a fiction effort, THE TRAVELING DEATH AND RESURRECTION SHOW, and a travel memoir, ATLAS OF THE HUMAN HEART, plus some “Hip Mama” titles.

So it just goes to prove you never know what you might find underneath a book with a catchy title .

Best regards from Portland, Maine.


One thought on “Never Judge A Book By Its Cover

  1. The problem is that she’s great at promoting herself at gigs that pay little or nothing. I’d say Dooce has done a better job of getting her work out and making a living at it, to use another Mommy-blogger example.

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