The Lonely Writer

To Fly Free In Space, credit; STS-41B, NASA
To Fly Free In Space, credit; STS-41B, NASA

To write is a little bit like this lonely astronaut, cruising through the black void of outer space in a manned maneuvering unit, wearing a spacesuit. His persceptions of the heavens must be extraordinary,
but his feeling of isolation is extreme. Actually his spaceship is just a hundred yards away and when he returns he will undoubtedly have a unique viewpoint from which to tell the world.

Such is the reality for many writers as they plod through the solitary struggle of trying to put a bunch of words on paper that actually make sense. Hopefully, the other portion of one’s life is full of social interactions and a busy calendar of literary events. This is the case for many, who follow the literary craft; in fact quite a few are something that might be described as social extroverts.

In many ways the writer is like this space traveler or maybe the wanderer who seeks solace within the great expanse of the wilderness or hinterlands. The physical explorations will quite likely result in some wonderful insights and exciting new knowledge, but after the journey, one still has to return to the ranks of modern society. Nonetheless, these new found treasures should not be retained just for one’s own personal enjoyment, but instead the thoughts and learning needs to be shared with the general public. Such is the task that the modern writer faces today, no matter where he undertakes his journey.

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