Poster For Zombieland Movie
Poster For Zombieland Movie

I just went and saw the movie Zombieland last night and after almost leaving the theatre in the first five minutes of  Zombie gore (I’m glad I didn’t), I found myself in the midst of a very entertaining and humorous film , concerning a post Apocalyptic world filled with these gruesome creatures (Zombies) that are very hungry and like to eat live people.

On one level this movie is all about survival by a few lucky non-Zombies from a world gone mad, yet on a second level it is a very sophisticated satire on the post-apocalyptic mindset that seems to become more prevalent as we continue our journey through the 21st century.

By a very strange coincidence this film followed the trailer for December 21, 2012, a special-effect virtuoso performance picturing the “End of the World” according to Mayan legend. It looks like a great movie, but I have a sneakin’ feelin’ most of us will still be around to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve in 2012, despite all the knowledge and wisdom of the Mayans.

On a similar note, the beginning of Zombieland has a strange resemblance to The Road, a popular work of fiction by the wonderful Cormac McCarthy and by strange coincidence this book is soon to be a major motion picture release (November 25, 2009 to be exact). This is going to be a quite a year for post-Apocalyptic movies. Let’s hope Hollywood isn’t on to something. I don’t want to see the world end just yet.

Poster for The  Road
Poster for The Road

Here is a link to the trailer for the movie, “The Road”, if anyone is interested.

Stay tuned this could get interesting.


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