More On Stieg Larsson and the UK Release of Girl With The Golden Tattoo

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The BBC Magazine just ran another article on Stieg Larsson, this time with quotes and comments by a Anders Hellberg, who believes that Stieg Larsson was not capable of writing the Millennium series. Another colleague of Larsson’s, Kurdo Baksi, has just published a book questioning his journalism reputation. I guess all this is expected for someone, who has sold 26 million copies of a trilogy and who is not around to depend himself. Maybe the fact that Stieg Larsson began in the publishing business as a graphic designer has something to do with this.

Even so things are going well for Mr. Larsson in the film department for the film, Girl With The Golden Tattoo, is about to be released in Britian (complete with American voice-overs), but you can see the You Tube version here. You’ll have to link over to You Tube to watch it. Maybe one of these days  I’ll upgrade with wordpress and start embedding videos, but not today. The American adaption is due out later this year.

The first book (Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) is now available here in the states as a paperback, so American audiences are getting a good read on the author and will continue to do so as the other two books are released. Crime fiction always a popular read here in the states is now getting taken a bit more seriously, as are some of its related fields such as horror. Stephen King, who had his own close encounter with death not too long ago courtesy of a hit and run driver is gradually finding acceptance in more and more places. I think just last year he was invited to edit a popular short story collection by American Editions. This popular book can be found under the heading of Literary Fiction (whatever that is), all over America – a definite improvement for Mr. King.

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jacket montage
jacket montage for Stieg Larsson's Millennium trilogy

One thought on “More On Stieg Larsson and the UK Release of Girl With The Golden Tattoo

  1. *deep breath* WOW, the arrogance and stupidity that crops up as soon as someone successful dies. I guess those “He couldn’t possibly have had the aptitude to write something so accomplished” quotes were to be expected, but still… I’m a surprised that his career as a graphic designer is brought up for anything more than petty jealousy – and lets face it, who the hell has even heard of those petty little people diminishing Larsson’s work? They should be ignored, and their words banished from memory. I have nothing but respect for most of the people in the design industry (moreso than I have for some authors, strange as that seems), because their work is open to criticism by all – not just those who have read their work – and are often held to higher scrutiny.

    Anders Hellberg is not to be taken even halfway seriously.

    The film sounds interesting, but I’m waiting till it is released on DVD so I can watch it with subtitles. The memories of terrible 80’s dubbing is seared into my brain, and the mere possibility that the dub is anything but stellar is enough to put me off.

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