Congratulations To The New Orleans Saints

inside the superdome
Inside the Superdome, New Orleans by Dave Reber coutesy of Wikipedia

It must have been quite the weekend for Mitch Landreau. First on Saturday he wins the election for mayor, a position that his father once held, and then on Sunday the Saints win the Super Bowl. It’s probably gonna be a fun ride till Mardi Gras passes and then he’s gonna wake up Ash Wednesday with quite a headache, even if he has nothing to drink on Mardi Gras day.  But best of luck to the new mayor and the people of New Orleans, and I wish I could be there to join in this year’s Mardi Gras. I’m sure it’s going to be a humdinger.

All of these comments come from someone, who once lived in the Crescent City, and who enjoyed his time there very much. I lived in the city in those lean years when the Saints were called the “Aint’s”, and some of the fans would wear paper bags over their heads. But I never went to any of the games and I never really got very excited about the team till Bum Philips came along and at least got the team out of the cellar and the paper bags off the heads. By some streak of luck or talent he was able to get the team up around 500 and sometimes at the end of the season, he would have the fans guessing whether they might actually make a wild card game of not. Of course, they didn’t, but it was kind of fun thinkin’ they might. But all that was before the days of Bill Walsh, “the genius” and the amazing Joe Montana, who quickly came to dominate the division and sometimes the whole NFL.

But I had to lickety-split across the border to the grand state of Texas, which in some ways is worlds apart from parochial Louisiana, but still a fun place to be. If I had one thing I could do in New Orleans, I would go back and tear all the concrete out of the Superdome and put in real grass – or at least – AstroTurf on top of soft ground. I can’t imagine how a team plays on that surface and stays healthy.

Rex Parade
Rex Parade, New Orleans, Canal Street, Mardi Gras Day 2006, photo by Information - courtesy of Wikipedia

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