Thoughts On Viewing Some Jeff Bridges Films

Jeff Bridges as the Dude
Jeff Bridges as the Dude

Congratulations to the Dude for taking home  an Oscar. Maybe he should have just walked up to the stage and snagged it like it was a piece of carpet. That’s a scene I would have enjoyed, for it seems to me the award is a little bit overdue, even though his performance in Crazy Heart was very good.

Crazy Heart was a very good movie and I especially enjoyed seeing the scenes in places that I had spent some time, mainly Houston and northern New Mexico. I also enjoyed the character played by Mr. Bridges, Otis “Bad” Blake and couldn’t help thinking if it wasn’t modeled after Waylon Jennings.

Of course, everyone, who enjoys movies is aware of the Big Lebowski, definitely one of my favorite movies of all times. Over the past few weeks, I’ve put on my own Jeff Bridges mini-festival by viewing some of Jeff’s older movies at home. This includes a short list that includes the not-so-good (The Amateurs), the so-so (Against All Odds), the funny(How To Lose Friends and Alienate People) and the magnificent (Cutter’s Way).

Cutter’s Way is especially worth checking out. It’s a wonderful film noire that features a good performance by Bridges, but even better efforts by John Heard and Lisa Eichorn. Check it out; it’s a 80’s classic that still has a dedicated audience.

And here’s a link to one my favorite Waylon videos,

Take care and so long for now, Everett.



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