New Hunter Thompson Movie Set To Go


I just finished reading Hunter Thompson’s novel called “The Rum Diary”, which takes place in Puerto Rico during the 50’s. Hunter actually lived in San Juan as a journalists during that time, but he worked for a small sports newspaper. In the book, his character, Paul Kemp is employed by the larger daily paper. Hunter was 22 at the time, but the novel was not published until much later in 1998, several decades after the original events took place.

Thompson wrote the book when he returned to the United States, but could not find a publisher for the story in the years following the time when the book was first penned.

By some streak of luck, I bought the book this spring and very enjoyed reading the story, which I just finished a few days ago. It wasn’t until I decided to d o a little fact checking on the original story, did I learn that the movie called “The Rum Diary” was post production stage and headed for the movie theaters in the early fall. Though, first comes a trip to the Toronto and Cannes film festival.

The Rum Diary by Hunter Thompson
The Rum Diary by Hunter Thompson

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