Gonzo, the Movie

gonzo sundance
gonzo sundance

I guess I just can’t enough of Hunter Thompson. Since I just finished the book last week, I’ve gone out and rented the movie. If you like Hunter Thompson you’ll probably like the movie. Even if you are lukewarm or so-so about the the departed rascal, you still might enjoy the documentary. The film really is a good glimpse into the times that made Hunter famous.

Complete with interviews by George McGovern, Pat Buchanon, Jann Wenner, Jimmy Carter, Hunter’s two wives and of course Hunter himself, the two hour trip through nostalgia land is a fun ride that will come to its sad climax before you know it.

Accented by film clips of the Chicago Convention riots, Hell’s Angels, Hunter in Aspen and Las Vegas, Gonzo does an in-depth analysis of the man, who made fear and loathing, a pair of household words. Johnny Depp does the narration, but after a short time you kind of forget that Johnny is there, for the content is strong enough to stand on its own. There are even some clips of a pre-teen Gonzo and a fascinating appearance on the TV Game show, To Tell The Truth, where all four panelists guessed that he was the mad journalist who wrote the book, Hell’s Angels.

So if you haven’t got much to do on a weekday night give the two hour DVD disk a spin on your DVD player you’ll like it. Here’s another image of Hunter, taken by Al Satterwhite and used by Vanity Fair.

Hunter Thompson in Cozumel by Al Satterwhite
Hunter Thompson in Cozumel by Al Satterwhite

2 thoughts on “Gonzo, the Movie

  1. The political material, while probably not as well-read as his Hells Angels story, or the Vegas orgy of drugs and insanity, is some of his best writing. He seemed to understand where all of the hooks were to drag people in to the world inhabited by politicians. I remember reading On The Campaign Trail ’72 in school, and getting strange looks from the passing teachers – I didn’t have the heart to inform any of them that it was the head of the English department who made me aware of the book’s existence.
    His death left such a great hole in journalism… he is always missed.

    1. My recent look at Hunter has done nothing but confirm the essence of your comments. It was fascinating to watch the Gonzo documentary and see such diverse persons as Pat Buchanon, Jimmy Carter, Jan Wenner and George McGovern comment on the “Great Gonzo”. The fact that he once rode in the back seat of a car with Richard Nixon for an hour and a half and discussed nothing but football might be considered one of his more amazing feats of accomplishment.

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