A Lesson In Screenwriting

Movie Poster for the Hangover
Movie Poster for the Hangover

Why anyone would become a screenwriter is beyond me. The competition is cutthroat, the clients have too much money and it seems like insiders always have the upper hand. The fact that a few free-spirited and successful screenwriters even exist within the politics and shenanigans of Tinseltown is sheer testimony to human perseverance and the strength of spirit.

One recent film (2009) which suggests that nespotism and in-fighting may not be as bad among Hollywood writers as commonly believed is the very funny Las Vegas romp, called “The Hangover”. If you missed the theatrical release, check out the DVD issue, for it is a great lesson in screenwriting, not to mention good entertainment.

Since the opening scene is pulled from near the end of the movie, most of the movie feature is flashback. This type of literary device has been tried before, but the skill that screenwriters Jon Lucas and Scott Moore ( Ghosts of Girlfriends Past) show in their latest endeavor is just one of the reasons to watch this entertaining piece of cinema. By now the premise is well-known, whereabouts three participants of a wild bachelor party come-to on the morning after with several complexing problems to solve besides their Mt. Everest-sized hangover. The foremost question staring them in the face is how did they get so messed up, but also of importance is what has happened to the missing groom. Compounding the issue is why is there a tiger in the bathroom and where did the baby in the closet come from. From this point on the movie becomes an epic journey through Vegas by three young males in search of what really happened.

All in all the movie is a wild, sometimes satirical romp through Vegas, filled with many surprising twists and turns. Check it out, you’ll like it.

Las Vegas Strip; Personal Photo by Kcferret of the Las Vegas Sign. June 2005
Las Vegas Strip; Personal Photo by Kcferret of the Las Vegas Sign. June 2005

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