Snow On Spanish Moss

Snow on Spanish Moss
Snow on Spanish Moss

Here’s a rare sight, snow-draped Spanish moss hanging from a live oak tree. This picture was taken in the Pee Dee region of South Carolina, which can be found in the northeastern portion of the Palmetto State. Snow in this neck of the woods is not common but does occur from time to time. The snowstorm that rolled in late last night continued well into the daytime hours, depositing almost eight inches in the process.  This winter is turning out to particularly snowy one, a situation that was enjoyed by all the kids in town.

The snow storm kept everybody at home today (snowplows do exist but their use is reserved for keeping the main highways clear. Most town residents stay home and wait for the white stuff to melt, as the city has no money or vehicles to clear the roads. The kids seemed to particularly enjoy the reprieve for readin, writin and rithmetic as they got to slide down the few hills. One of the best hills is right outside the house where I am staying . It has been busy all day with youngsters who sometimes have to use their imagination to find something smooth enough to transport them down the hill.

The birds don’t particularly like the snow, but they come to the collection of bird feeders that I set out to feed them. Quite a few different species come to munch on the suet and seeds that get left out outdoors. Juncos are abundant as are the white-crowned sparrows. Chickadees, nuthatches and an occasional towhee can also be seen. There are also a couple of pairs of cardinals that can be seen. One of the males is pictured in the next picture.

Cardinal in Winter
Cardinal in Winter

Tonight the snow has changed to freezing rain, so who knows what tomorrow may bring. If the ice is thick enough, the kids just might another day off from school. And since the daytime temperatures are forecast to be only in the 30’s, the ice and snow might remain in place for a few days. No problem for me as the long as the electricity stays on, for I can stay at home and write.

Hope this winter finds all readers doing well.

Best of luck.

South Carolina Snowman
South Carolina Snowman

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