Myrtle Beach Traffic


The city of Myrtle Beach viewed from the state park pier
The city of Myrtle Beach viewed from the state park pier

I was in Myrtle Beach the other day. I had volunteered to go to help a friend of the family pick up a new car. The journey was OK, but the traffic was not, even though March would still be considered the off-season. No matter how you look at it, this coastal resort is not the same place I remember as a child. Today, the sleepy little, seaside oasis has turned into a major metropolitan area, for now, the bustling urban area is occupied the year round. No better proof can be found than by taking a automobile trip through the center of town during the cooler winter months.

After completing the car deal, our little party skirted the city proper and headed south for Murrels Inlet, a much smaller seaside town located just south of Myrtle Beach. This place has also changed, but still offers a small reprieve from busiest parts of the Grand Strand. A late lunch at a restaurant called Flo’s, proved to be a perfect place to sit back and enjoy the end of the car-buying process. Flo’s is a New Orleans styled restaurant that sits on a small tidal basin, hence the name. The food was good and our waterside table, even provided a quick glimpse of a bald eagle landing in the top of a loblolly pine.

After lunch we visited the Myrtle Beach State Park, another green oasis, which is actually located inside the city limits. Admission to the fishing pier is included with the park fee. The pier is well worth a visit, as is the wind-sculptured live oak forest that grows profusely just past the sand dunes. This unique type of forest once was more abundant in the vicinity, but presently is limited to only a few locales.

This popular SC state park even provides campsites and cabins, but on this overcast drizzly weekend the oceanside site was almost deserted. The day ended with a drive home amidst moderate weekend traffic.


Barrier sand dunes at Myrtle Beach State Park
Barrier sand dunes at Myrtle Beach State Park


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