How To Help

As the crisis in Japan deepens, relief efforts from all the over the world are headed to Japan. As I write this the TV news is saying that the emperor of Japan has recently addressed the nation, an ominous sign that the country has been deeply shaken by recent events. Despite the destruction it is widely agreed that Japan will recover and rebuild its hard hit areas. Anybody wishing to give some financial aid to the country can always do so through the Red Cross or other relief organizations. Those wishing to do so might want to check out this recent article at Matador Change.

The old-fashioned way of mailing a check to the Red Cross is still valid. Tech savvy donors might be interested to know that you can text your donation to the Red Cross or other organizations, such as International Medical Corps, Salvation Army, World Vision, GlobalGiving and Save The Children Emergency Fund. All you need to know is the number code for each organization and when the message is sent the donation amount will be added to your monthly bill. Details are available on the Matador page, listed above. Donations can also be made through Facebook .  And finally those needing to connect with family members in Japan might want to visit this Google site.


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