Mother Nature Celebrates April Fools Day


Frozen Rain Covering Crabapples from Wikipedia

According to Wikipedia, Aprils Fools Day is based on the old Roman New Year celebration, which used to occur right after the spring equinox. When the Gregorian calendar moved the New Year to January 1 the old New Year’s date morphed into April Fools Day. Still, no matter what the true origin of the holiday, the date functions widely as a day for playing pranks and creating mischief.

Nowadays, the holiday is observed around the world; and sometimes Mother Nature joins in on the quirky and offbeat date. As a young man attending college in upstate New York, I was witness to a day when the weather played a trick on everybody.

On this particular first day in April, I found himself confined to a hospital bed at the Upstate Medical Center in Syracuse, New York due to some head lacerations received from a car accident. The day broke warm and sunny and by mid-morning the temperatures had already soared into sixties. The day was so nice that the morning nurse rolled open the window, so I and the other patient could enjoy the balmy spring air. To have such a pleasant warm morning in this upstate community was very rare, as such warm temperatures rarely arrived until May.

Even though I could not venture outside to enjoy the warm weather, my view from the fourth floor window was quite extensive, as it spread far northwestward to the distant horizon. So when dark clouds formed in the north, I was able to see the whole situation unfold. About noon the sky turned cloudy and the when started to blow. An hour later the wind started to pick up and the temperatures plummeted. By mid-afternoon the snow started to fly and it was quite heavy. By the time darkness fell, Mother nature had deposited over a half foot of snow on the ground.

As my injuries were not severe, I was released a few days later and happily returned to my life on campus. Even at this point in time, stories were still flying around about the freak weather events on the first of April. More than one of my fellow students, had walked to class and then returned several hours later in the midst of a raging snowstorm. One poor fellow had arrived at the organic chemistry lab, at nine in the morning wearing shorts and a tee shirt. As fate would have it, his class lasted all day till 5 p.m.


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