After The End of the World

Io: The Prometheus Plume Credit: Galileo Project, JPL, NASA
Io: The Prometheus Plume Credit: Galileo Project, JPL, NASA

An Ominous Sign

Things on this place look pretty bad. Take careful note of that tiny blue light at the top of the sphere – it’s a violent sulfur eruption and it signals trouble. Fortunately, this is a picture of one of Jupiter’s moons, Prometheus, and should not be confused with our own planet earth. Here, on the blue planet, life  did not come to an end on 6 p.m. Saturday as predicted and the Preakness was run on time. Unfortunately, my horse, Mucho Macho Man lost. Such is life.

All Over the Web

Since most of us are still here on the planet, after the big day, it might be interesting to take a look around the blogosphere and see what’s going on. Trust Me posted this interesting photo here of someone, who was raptured and left behind his nice suit of clothes. And then at the Guardian, Paul Harris speculates and how Harold Camping is faring since the May 21st deadline has passed. In fact, more information is available here, about Mr. Camping, who made a brief appearance yesterday outside his home in California. Meanwhile, for those who await the next end of the world, the Mayan Calendarreaches in terminus in about 19 months. Much more hype will surely accompany this infamous date.

It Looked Like The End of the World

On Saturday, residents of eastern Iceland experienced a geological event that may have looked like the end of the world.  This happened when the Grimsvotn volcano erupted on Saturday and sent towering plumes high into the sky, eventually closing airports in the small island nation. Although this spectacular event may have appeared ominous, when it turned local skies black, the ash plumes are expected to subside soon. Fortunately, no one came up missing after the event, but the fact that the volcano lies beneath a glacial ice sheet might increase concern over changing planetary conditions.

Not So Lucky

However, in Joplin, Missouri and other places around the Midwest, things did not turn out so well. This is because Saturday produced a series of powerful tornadoes some of which were quite deadly. Not only does much of  Joplin look like the end of the world, but nearly a 100 residents have been killed by the monster storm. May is prime tornado season in this part of the country, but the nonetheless the twister that tore through Missouri was quite strong and left a horrific wake behind it.

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