Memorial Day Phonies

American Flags from Wikipedia
American Flags from Wikipedia

It’s Memorial Day again and besides being a day to honor America’s War Veterans and begin the barbecue season,  it is a good day for Vets to display their medals. Unfortunately, a few impostors are displaying  metal and not much more. Especially troublesome is the recent rise in SEAL award recipients that have proven to be false. Spurred on by the recent raid in Pakistan that nabbed the grand organizer, SEAL pins have been appearing among a minute cadre of American men, who have never done so much as a day of KP, much less passed the grueling training process that entitles someone as a member of this elite military unit. By the way the attrition rate during SEAL training may be as high as 90 %, so just making it through the the program is a real accomplishment. On a similar note here’s an ABC story about a Pennsylvania preacher, whose recently had to admit that his Vietnam War claims were false. I wonder how many of these guys are still out there.

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