Visual Tour Through The City of Brotherly Love

Philadelphia Skyline
Philadelphia Skyline as seen from ground level

This is what I saw when I first came into the City of Philadelphia on a pleasant train ride that took me through the Amish country of the southeastern part of the city. After arriving at the Amtrak station I went to Suburban Station and emerged into the realm of high buildings and intense sunlight. From here I made my bus connection out to the Chamanoix Mansion, a classy hostel located near one of the city’s large urban parks.

Blue Air-conditioner in Philadelphia

Here is a picture taken on a very hot afternoon on a June afternoon that I have dubbed “The Blue Air Conditioner”. I don’t know how some people, including myself, would survive the sometimes torrid heat without this nifty electronic cooling device.

Cedar Tree
Cedar Tree In Philadelphia

Sometimes, surviving city life takes lots of  creativity and ingenuity. Planting trees and painting walls are two activities that can make a place more livable, though this image may lead people to think otherwise.

The Old and the New In Downtown Philly
The Old and the New In Downtown Philly

Philadelphia is full of contrasts. Here are two different styles are architecture.

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