Visiting the World Trade Site

Cranes at the World Trade Construction Site in New York
Cranes at the World Trade Construction Site in New York

On The Ground At the site of the World Trade Center

I was in NYC last week (just for one night) and the first place that I visited was the World Trade Center Construction Site in Lower Manhattan. To a young child born since 2001, the locale might just be another group of high rises going up in a city that is filled with these kinds of structures. However, to us older folks, September 11, 2001 is a day of infamy, when three towering NYC buildings came crashing to the ground of being struck by jet airplanes.

The Site Today

Today the site is a beehive of activity. First there is the everyday flow of city pedestrian traffic. Then figure that a large area of several blocks has been roped off and fenced in, so it cannot be used by the general public. This also increases the pedestrian traffic aroungd the construction work. Then add all the visitors, who have come just to watch the places be prepared. All in all, that figures to be a ot of congestion. Still the builds are going up, giving a NYC an air of confidence. Remember, it’s been many years since NYC has seen such a large undertaking.

World Trade Skyline
World Trade Skyline

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