Farewell To Demand Studios

Charles River in Winter
Sunset on Ice Covered River

Misdirected Anger

I really want to be mad at Demand Studios, but  in all honesty, they have done nothing more than try to save the company from all the curve balls that Google has been tossing them lately. The latest one is called Google Panda, which I can’t really explain, but I know it has something to do with algorithms and page rankings. P.S. if you want to learn about an algorithm, all you have to do is watch the Social Network or look up the term online. You might find that it has something to do with algebra and a Persian mathematician, named a al-Khwārizmī.

How It Happened To Me

A week ago Tuesday (August 2) I was sitting in the Winnipeg Public Library (yes, that’s in Canada) working on my slew of assignments, when I decided it was time to take a break and grab a sandwich at Tim Horton’s. (What else do you do when in Canada) When I returned to the library and went to the DS website, I discovered much to my surprise that DS had removed all my claimed assignments and placed me in the “Writer Development Program”, three words that I have now come to loathe. My work in progress was retained, but everything else went poof!! Gone forever never to be seen again. Instead, I was faced with the task of choosing three new assignments and submitting them to the senior editors. Once this was accomplished, I would simply sit back, relax and wait for my new work to filter through the system.

How It’s Gone

The good news has been that I found three assignments without much difficulty that I felt I could write with ease. I did this and submitted the three pieces within a few days. All three came back for rewrites with some rather complicated instructions, so I took my time and resubmitted each one. Yesterday, the first rewrite was rejected and I have not heard from the other two. So unless my rejection is overturned (highly unlikely) my time with DS is kaput. In fact, they have even removed my ability to look for new assignments. All I anticipate right now is to have the last two articles pass through, so I can at least collect a small bit of money.

Looking Back

Despite some of the bad press Demand Studios has received around the web, I have enjoyed my stint with DS and have learned much about writing content and  Search Engine Optimization. At times the writing task has been very frustrating, but I have enjoyed being able to complete a short article and see the finished results online. My writing has improved and providing  content for DS has encouraged me to jump in and tackle other writing tasks. In fact, I have been at the point for a while now, where I need to put more effort into other types of writing. My complaint concerns the way in which the writing ended, but my problems are small potatoes to the challenges that Demand Studios faces now that they have gone public.

Sunset Over Back Cove
Sunset Over Water

2 thoughts on “Farewell To Demand Studios

  1. Sorry to hear you were thrown into the Writer Development Program. It has been happening to a lot of people lately. I know that’s not necessarily much consolation. But you seem to have a good attitude about it. If you use what you learned there I think you can be successful writing elsewhere, or creating more of your own sites, like this one. Good luck to you.

    1. Thanks for the consolation. I’m trying to look on the positive side of this in that I now have more free time to develop contacts that I have should have been pursuing all along.

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