High Water In Winnipeg

High water in Winnipeg
High water in Winnipeg

Red River

Here’s a picture of the Red River as in flows northward through the city of Winnipeg on its way north to Lake Winnipeg and eventually the Hudson Bay. This picture was taken at the beginning of August and as you can see the river is quite high. FYI the Red River flows north from western Minnesota, North Dakota and even bits of South Dakota, where its watershed butts up against that of the Mississippi and Missouri. By the way this not the same Red River that forms the boundary between Oklahoma and Texas. That river flows south into the Atchafalaya Basin of southern Louisiana.

Why So High

Actually, this is the remnants of spring flooding that occurred back in March and April of this year. The excess water seems to be the result of intense and early spring rain that came on top of a heavy winter snowpack. And the Red River is not the only part of the province to be worried about excess water. Excess water at the edge of Lake Manitoba is still high and scientist expect this situation to remain in this state right up until winter arrives and freezes the lake. Major problems could occur if events unfold in this manner. When I departed the prairie city, Provincial officials were considering building a drainage ditch to relieve water pressure.

Glass reflection in downtown Winnipeg
Glass reflection in downtown Winnipeg

Here’s a reflection on a glass building that just happens to look a lot like water.

Winnipeg, the City

The city of Winnipeg does not attract a lot of foreign visitors, though the downtown area is quite modern and visually appearing. Trees grow in many places, though once you leave the city, the prairie predominates. Most visitors to the provincial capitol, use the place as a rest stop on their cross-country journey, especially those headed west for the Canadian Rockies. Still the library is very nice and anyone who enjoys modern architecture or public parks can enjoy a day or two within the city limits. As you can see in this mural, the popularity of the old Brtain waxes a little bit here.

Winnipeg Wall for Britons
Winnipeg Wall for Britons

And finally the night life of the city helps make the place more liveable.

Sonus Musica
Sonus Musica

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