The Bob Dylan Way

Bob Dylan Way in Duluth
The Bob Dylan Way in Duluth

“Go melt back into the night, babe
Everything inside is made of stone”     Bob Dylan from “It Ain’t Me Babe”

What Is the Bob Dylan Way

The Bob Dylan Way has nothing to do with troubadouring around the country, playing in smoky coffee houses or finding the right rock’n roll agent to market your songs. It is actually a street in downtown Duluth, named after one of its most famous citizens, who was born here in the year of 1941.  The avenue runs downtown not too far from the picturesque waterfront, which sits on the edge of Lake Superior. To the east is an aquarium, a lakeside boardwalk and some popular restaurants. Heading west, the landscape ascends sharply forming a high ridge along the northwest side of town. This city has an attractive mix of an industrial waterfront, set on the edge on one of the world’s great freshwater lakes.

Duluth Drawbridge in raised position
Duluth Drawbridge in raised position

Not Hibbing 

Duluth should not be confused with Hibbing, Minnesota, the small town in the Iron Range of Northern Minnesota, where Mr. Dylan spend his younger years eventually graduating from high school. Hibbing is located 50 or so miles west of Duluth in a region that supports many iron mines. Besides nurturing the poet-folksinger, Hibbing is the birthplace of Greyhound Busline and features a museum honoring the transportation giant. I have no idea whether there is a such a place dedicated to the life and times of Bob Dylan.

Duluth Today

Duluth is a hill town in a flat prairie state. In fact, some of the states several ski resorts are located here, despite a very short vertical drop. I was in town passing through on my way south to the cities. I was just ahead of the Duluth Blues Festival, an annual musical event that occurs every August on the waterfront. From what I could hear of the opening event from the downtown library, the quality of music is quite good. I would have liked to have stayed and caught the whole show, but ticket prices were high and all the the rooms were booked solid on account of the festival, so I had to move on – not to different from a line from a Dylan song.

Duluth Freighter
Duluth Freighter

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