100 Posts At Illustration Friday

Graphite drawing for the theme of swell.
Graphite drawing for the theme of swell.

About Illustration Friday

Illustration has been going strong for about a half dozen years or so. It is the brainchild of Penelope Duggan, who is an illustrator who quit her day job to freelance. The creation of  Illustration was the first step in a successful transfer from employee to self-employed. The best way to learn about Illustration Friday is to visit the site, but in a nutshell, Illustration Friday cab best be described as a “participatory art exhibit for illustrators of all skill levels where new topics are posted each Friday to challenge participants creatively“.

Imaginary Century-eyeball plant
Imaginary Century-eyeball plant posted for the topic, perennial.

How It Works

Every Friday a new topic is posted on the home page of the Illustration Friday page. Contributors have one week to post a drawing or illustration inspired by the one word topic. The image is posted on your own personal blog and then linked to the main page of Illustration Friday. A small 50 pixel X 50 pixel thumbnail is then uploaded to the main page and the thumb is linked to the appropriate blog page. Viewers can then cull through the hundreds of thumbs and then visit the blog pages of those images they particularly enjoy or admire. Once at the artists site, the viewer is free to leave a message or comment. Since Penelope started her site, many simular venues have sprung up around the web.

Two bluebirds sitting on a weather vane used to illustrate the topic of "duet"
Two bluebirds sitting on a weather vane used to illustrate the topic of "duet"

My Site

My blog link to Illustration Friday is called Illustrate Friday. It is used solely for posting drawings and paintings for Illustration Friday. Over the past several years I maybe average one or two posts per month. Creating illos for IF has not gained me any freelance work, but has served as a positive creative outlet that produces a minimal amount of feedback. If you like to sketch and draw, then check out this website and participate. For some, IF is a very interactive place.

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