Looking Back At Demand Studios

View from Quebec
View from Quebec

Nice Response

Last week I received a very nice response from the description of my departure from Demand Studios. The original material was posted right here on this blog. Anyone interested in the world of content writing ought to visit Demand Studios Review and check out carefully what the staff has to say. They are very helpful in outlining the risks of just working for one client and they even go as far as to carefully appraise other content writing opportunities. I was not aware of the site until one of their staff left a message on my DS Just fired Me post.

Report From Fired Writer

Just as  I have been writing this entry I just noticed that DS Review posted a statement from an ousted writer. As I read her story, I am beginning to realize the cuts at DS may be running much deeper than first imagined. This writer had been active with DS for three years, maintained a high grammar rating and had all three of her samples approved, yet she was still let go. Up until I read her tale, I figured that if only my rejected article had gone through, I would have been OK. Now it appears that this is not the case.

In Conclusion

I’m not really sure what to say at this point, except that I don’t feel so alone as to what happened. The unusual thing about writing for a place like Demand Studios is that there is little personal contact except via e-mail. In the three plus years that I wrote for DS, I only met one person face to face and that was an editor, who I joined at a Japanese restaurant for a Saturday afternoon meetup in Lumberton, NC. Hopefully, something can be learned from this episode that somehow I feel is affecting quite a few people in a negative way.

Water, Rocks and Sky
Water, Rocks and Sky

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