Living In the Material World

George Harrison on the cover of his album
George Harrison on the cover of his album, All Things Must Pass

It All Seems A Little Strange Now

George Harrison, the youngest Beatle, has been gone for ten years, though it certainly doesn’t seem that long ago that the ‘Quiet One’ passed away at age 58. On the cover of this solo release, George seems a little out of touch with the world that he helped create as one of the original Beatles. It is hard to believe that the guitarist was only 27, when the Beatles broke up, but that is the reality of being part of one of the world’s most successful musical combos.

Living In the Material World

Tonight the second and final part of Martin Scorscese’s TV film gets broadcast on HBO. I guess if you are a big name rock’n roller, having Martin do your documentary is quite an honor, especially since he does so few and his last effort was a portrayal of Bob Dylan. Unfortunately, George is not around to watch the HBO program, but all reports indicate that Martin has taken an obtuse path in delving into George’s private world. Reportedly, this documentary is the result of a request by the Beatle’s widow, Olivia Harrison. The piece explores the musical and spiritual world of the gifted musician, who gladly undertook the challenge of learning to play the Sitar. I wish I could watch it, but unfortunately I do not have access to a TV tonight. Thank God for reruns and DVD players.


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