The Latest With Demand Studios

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New Notice At Demand Studios

 I went to Demand Studios today to check up on my monthly earnings and lo and behold I was not able to access the information. It seems that DS had posted a message that I needed to update the Contributor’s Agrreement that I had signed, when I started writing for the company back in 2008. That in itself was not so bad, but the fact that the site programmers had changed the page coding, so that I could not access my earnings data without signing the agreement has made me rather upset about the whole state of affairs at the Santa Monica content mill.

What It Means

At present it looks like I will not receive any more money from DS unless I sign the agreement. Is anyone else experiencing the same thing?

Uncertain Future

My first impulse was to sign the agreement so that I could continue receiving the measely 15 to 25 dollars per month that the California company still owes me on Revenue Sharing articles until they expire several years from now. However, common sense came over me and I realized that DS should honor its previous agreement without any further ado. Having to sign an additional agreement after my termination as a regular article writer seems way out of line.

What This Means

My hunch is that Demand Studios is presently facing a host of complaints and legal actions regarding the way that they let go of the vast majority of writers during the summer of this year. Personally, I am not so mad that I was let go, but more upset over the way that it happened. The real issue that bothered me was taking articles that I had claimed, out of the queu, so they could not have been completed. However, on their behalf, I must say that they did allow articles in draft to be finished.

My Recourse

At this point I think I will not sign the new agreement, because I don’t think it is necessary. Losing the several hundred dollars that will eventually come my way seems minor compared to what they are asking me to do… And that is modify an agreement after it has gone into effect.

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