Reply From Demand Studios

butterfly nebula
The Butterfly Nebula from Hubble

Contact from Demand Studios

Today I received an email from Demand Studios concerning my last post here on WordPress. Alas, my fears of not being able to receive anymore money from Demand Studios, if I did not sign the new agreement, turned about to be unfounded. In the e-mail the DS staff clearly stated that the new agreement does not affect revenues from past articles. I am relieved to know that my revenue sharing income will continue as is.

Is Big Brother Watching?

To be honest I am glad that DS contacted me about the matter and I don’t feel that is it out of order for them to so. In my opinion, it is good policy for individuals involved in any type of internet activity to Google their own name and keep track of who is following them. I have no problem with companies like DS doing the same thing. Their intentions may be as straightforward and simple as trying to gauge their reception and response to their online activities.

An Important Reminder

This little episode also serves as a convenient reminder to think twice about what you say on the internet, for once though words are out in the web, there is no taking them back. Looking back, I would have worded my statement slightly differently and perhaps tried to contact DS directly before posting. So long for now and happy Thanksgiving to everyone.



2 thoughts on “Reply From Demand Studios

  1. That’s good you didn’t get fired. I am happy for you, but don’t know what good the revenue sharing thing really is. After Panda, most new articles aren’t even getting indexed by Google anymore. If you are still making money off of revenue sharing then you should really count yourself as one of the lucky ones.

  2. Thanks for the encouraging words. The situation, as it now stands, is still the same. I can’t review the progress of my revenue sharing articles, but the monthly sales still arrive in my paypal account just as before. Fortunately, there has only been about a 10 or 15 percent drop in income, since Panda. I guess in that respect, I am very lucky. This might be due to the fact that most of revenue pieces were put together when Demand Studios was just starting up. Also important is the subject matter, which usually dealt with home repairs and interior design.

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