All Tangled Up In Bob

Bob Dylan and the Band

Bob Dylan playing with the Band in Chicago 1974, photo by Jim Summaria from Wikipedia

My Musical Tastes

I have a confession to make. I never really liked Bob Dylan all that much until he went electric and started recording songs like Desolation Row, My Back Pages and Like a Rolling Stone. And then it was artists like the Byrds and Jimi Hendrix that caused me to notice the lyrical master. In my opinion My Back Pages is one of the great lyrical numbers to come out of the turbulent sixties. Even today the words still stand out for their capacity to paint a colorful picture.

Tangled Up In Bob

A New Mexico writer, Natalie Goldberg,  along with a relatively unknown filmmaker by the name of Mary Feidt, have combined forces to produce a film that explores the northern Minnesota world, where Bob Dylan grew up and how the place influenced the famed songwriter’s work. Entitled Tangled Up In Bob, the documentary searches the backroads and small town community of Hibbing, Minnesota. This small midwestern town is located northwest of Duluth in a slightly mountainous area called the Iron Range. Here the duo travel to investigate the small town landscape and persons, who fostered one of the 20th century’s most noted poets-songwriters. The film is available in DVD form from the website,

Who Is Natalie Goldberg? 

Natalie Goldberg is a writer, painter and literary coach, who resides in northern New Mexico. She is best known for her books about writing especially ‘Writing Down the Bones’, which is one of the standards of writing workshops and literary instruction throughout the English-speaking world. She has also published other books about writing, as well as a novel and a manuscript that features many of her very colorful paintings. Originally from Minnesota, Natalie was naturally drawn to Dylan’s small town background and how it influenced his music.

Hibbing, Minnesota’s Other Claim To Fame

Ironically, Bob Dylan is not the only contribution that Hibbing has made to the 20th century, for this remote locale is also home of the Greyhound bus company. While still serviced serviced by the popular transportation carrier, the town supports the Greyhound Museum, where motorists can see where the successful company began and how it began the modern era of bus transportation.


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