Friday The 13th

Black cats like Friday the thirteenth are often associated with bad luck.

Friday the 13th

Though the number 13 may be associated with bad luck, the linkage between Friday the 13th and unfortunate events seems to be mainly a 20th century phenomena. For a long time, 13 has been considered a sign of bad luck to many people, including Christians, who dislike the number because 13 people were in attendance at the Last Supper, which occurred the night before Christ was killed. Incidentally, Christ’s death is thought to have occurred on a Friday, yet few scholars believe this event is the incentive for Friday the 13th.

A Twentieth Century Novel 

A much more likely scenario for development of this fascinating tidbit of folklore concerns the publishing of a popular novel in 1907, titled “Friday the Thirteenth”. The book was written by Boston stock broker Thomas Lawson and the story revolves around an evil businessman, who tried to crash the stock market on a Friday the 13th. Less weight is applied to other literary efforts, such as Dan Brown’s, Da Vinci Code, where observance of the date is traced back to 1307, when a large number of the Knights of the Templar were arrested by the French crown on a Friday the 13th.

How Has Your Friday the 13th Gone

Mine Friday has not been a particularly good day. It started off by my going to a temp service, where there was almost nil chance of work. The rest of the day has evolved around the making of my travel plans from New Mexico to the West Coast. All in all this Friday the 13th has been marked by both good and not so good happenings. I hope your Friday the 13th is uneventful.


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