Great Gatsby Coming To the Silver Screen

1925 jacket cover for The Great Gatsby
The original book cover for The Great Gatsby was done by Francis Cugat

The Great Gatsby

First published in 1925, the Great Gatsby, a novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, is now considered to be one of the more important American works of literature, written during the twentieth century. Taking place on upscale Long Island, this dark story of love, wealth and death centers on a small click of well-to-do young couples living the good life during the prosperous 20s. The story features drinking and partying during Prohibition with hints that one or more of the major characters might be involved  in bootlegging, one means of supplying the general public with illegal liquor. In many ways, this novel is the quintessential look into the “good life” of those wild and fabulous post WWI years that centered on speak-easys, bathtub gin and stylish dressed young ladies and men.

Trailer Released

The trailer for the movie, The Great Gatsby, has been out for several weeks now and can be viewed online. First indications seem to indicate a visually stunning film that delves into the high life of the nouveau riche, living in the NY metro area during the “Roaring 20s”. The film stars Leornardo Dicaprio  and Carey Mulligan and is due to be released in the US on Christmas Day. The classic Fitzgerald novel has long been celebrated as a “Great American Novel” and should provide good holiday entertainment for a large number of moviegoers. I guess you can say that Hollywood is taking a lesson from American professional sports and offering a holiday venue that is sure to entertain millions, while bringing in a whole bunch of loot for the movie industry.

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