World’s Richest Writers

Spiral Galaxy NGC 4038 in Collision
Spiral Galaxy NGC 4038 in Collision
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Just Released

Forbes just released its list of the world’s richest writers. Not included on the top ten are JK Rowling, George RR Martin, Stephenie Meyer, Ken Follett and Rick Riordan. But they did make the top 15 and even Rick Riordan, who is at the bottom of the list brought home a meager 13 million. And guess who’s at the top of the list. James Patterson followed by Stephen King. Last year Patterson grossed 94 mill, while King had to settle for a measly 39 million. Life just ain’t fair.

Closer Analysis

Taking a close glance at the list, I’m proud to say that I’ve only read one book of any of the best-selling authors. That book happened to be Honeymoon by James Patterson. I found the book, so my purchase price was nil. However, I only got a third of the way through the story, when I inadvertently left the paperback in a public place and somebody else decided that it was their turn to read the story. At the time I was disappointed because I did enjoy the portion, I had read and wished to continue with the novel.

Patterson’s Writing Style

What struck me most about James Patterson’s writing style was how terse and to the point his language was. James did not go in for too many big words or long, complex sentences. Instead he used plenty of dialogue mixed in with his description. The storyline was pretty good to. Now if only I could find a loose copy of  Honeymoon or locate my library card so I can finish the book.


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