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NGC 604: Giant Stellar Nursery
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How One Writer Described The Horrible Events In Connecticut

Scott Eagan is one literary agent that does post a lot of good information for emerging writers. As a result his award-winning blog is often visited by those in the writing community. On Friday just hours after the horrible events in Connecticut became known to the world he posted these thoughts. They are well worth checking out.

My Thoughts

Like everyone else in the world, I am stunned and shocked as to what happened last Friday. With this event and the other tragedy that occurred in a Colorado movie theater in June I am very saddened and disheartened about what seems like the increasing frequency of these types of mass killings. This is recurring problem and malaise that goes way beyond the gun control debate that erupts every time sometime like this occurs. For I fear it is a warning signal that something much larger is out of balance. What that thing is, I could not possibly define, but as a society and a nation we need to find a way past these terrible kinds of events, which by the way, are not limited this country. How we do this I could not begin to speculate.


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