“All The Rains Down In Africa”

Painting by Jacob Hendrik Pierneef, entitled South West African Landscape with Termite Hill, Umbrella Trees and Mountains in the Background; from Wiki Commons

24 Million Dollar Book Deal Is Awarded to Popular English Author

An octogenarian English Author by the name of Wilbur Smith has just earned a six book deal worth 15 million pounds….. or about 24 million American dollars. And the weird thing is that Smith is not going to write the entire manuscript for all six books. He will merely provide the basic outline or treatment for each novel and other writers, including his wife,Niso, will complete the manuscripts. In fact, it is definitely possible that Smith may not be around to see all six books published. According to his publisher, Harper Collins, the last book will be published by the end 0f 2015.

Kibo summit of Mount_Kilimanjaro
Kibo summit of Mount Kilamanjaro, photo by Muhammad Mahdi Karim

Smith’s Background

This man is named Wilbur Smith and he has a been a popular English adventure writer for 50 years, though not as many in the U.S. are familiar with his lexicon of African tales. During his writing career, Smith has penned over 30 novels, accounting for 120 million pounds of sales. His first book appeared in 1933 and was called When The Lions Feed. His latest novel, Those In Peril, was released in 2011. Though born in Rhodesia (now called Zambia), Wilbur now lives in London. Nine of his stories have been adapted to film or television.

Wilbur Smith signing books, from Wikipedia photo by Richard001
Wilbur Smith signing books, from Wikipedia photo by Richard001

Wilbur Smith’s Worldview

Having been born and raised on the African continent, Wilbur Smith has always claimed that this place of vast vistas and stunning herds of wildlife has always been his greatest inspiration. Nonetheless, Mr. Smith has  sometimes been criticized for having an “old school” vision of Africa which might be a bit sexist and racist. However, his readers obviously enjoy his storytelling and do not seem the least bit bothered by his viewpoints on life.

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