Hiatus Ending

End of Summer Approaching

My summer has been an interesting one and not just because it was blog free.Though the absence of blogging several times a week did free up some invaluable reading time. More about my summer reading activities in the near future.

My Travels

My travels took me from Albuquerque to South Carolina and did back again to New Mexico, where I expected to find work for the summer. When that fell through, I hit the road with an Amtrak train ticket to eastern Colorado and a long hitchhike to Rochester, MN. Since then I have crossed South Dakota and am now in Billings, MT doing a variety of odd jobs. Coming soon a photo essay about my travels.

In The News

Leornard Elmore passed away this week. Though he was 87 years of age his passing is still a lost for the writing community. Thus far I have been surprised by the lack of recogniton in the press. I have only come across several articles; and they all seem to include his now famous words to budding writers: “always leave out the parts that readers tend to skip.” Something tells me this master of the crime novel and urban dialogue will remain in the minds and hearts of American writers for quite some time. So long for now and keep you eyes peeled for more blogs by Yeyeright.


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