Update On Comet Ison

Comet ISON as it travels through space

Where It Is Now

Various astronomical publications are now reporting that Comet ISON can now b seen by backyard astronomers as it races through the sky towards its rendezvous with our nearest star, the sun. The comet is still too small to be seen with the naked eye, but amateur astronomers can find the comet by turning their telescopes towards the planet Mars and then searching for the star, Regulus.  Those who wish to know the exact hour by hour coordinates can go here.

In 2011 Comet Lovejoy put on quite a show for people in the Southern Hemisphere

A Real Sungrazer

We won’t know for sure until after Thanksgiving, if ISON will survive its trip around the sun, but if it does the close pass could turn this comet into a spectacular astronomical event. If it does ISON should remain visible to us earthlings, even those that don’t have telescopes, until the new year. Right now all indications from space observers indicate that ISON will survive its trip around the sun. Let’s hope so, for this comet could add some beautiful fireworks for the holiday season.

Comet ISON as captured by Hubble



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