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Double rainbow in Alaska, from Wikipedia, photo by Eric Rolph
Double rainbow in Alaska, from Wikipedia, photo by Eric Rolph

Writer’s Digest Releases Their 2014 Best of (Writer’s Websites) List

Just recently, Writer’s Digest released their annual list of 101 Best Websites for Writers. Many of these websites are published in blog form, while others such as the Absolute Write or QueryTracker are very large dispensaries of information, where a blog is just a small part of the overall site. The websites are listed in categories such as Everything Agents, General Resources, Online Writing Communities and Screenwriting. Nine websites received special recognition with a Best of the Best Award. Besides the above mentioned QueryTracker, they are Creativity Portal, A Newbie’s Guide To Publishing, The Review Review, The Coalition of Independent Authors and Publishers, Journalism Jobs, Moon Town Cafe, Society of Children’s Writers and the Daily Lit…….Happy Browsing.

Blogs I Follow

I have at least a dozen blogs I follow……and for some strange reason most of them have to do with writing. Perhaps, it is related to the fact that at least a part of my income derives from my literary activities. Not surprisingly, many of these sites also can be found on the Writer’s Digest compilation. Here they are in order of importance to me.

Anne R. Allen’s Blog – This is the first blog that I usually go to. Unfortunately Anne only publishes once a week, but her postings are always filled with important info, especially for the Indie self publisher.

A Newbie’s Guide To Publishing – This bad boy of the self publishers has toned down his raps lately by adding numerous  interviews and guest bloggers. Still, his site always has something to say and if you take his advice and read all his posts back to 2009, you will learn a lot about the ongoing struggle between Indies and the Big Six publishers.

Nathan Bransford, Author – As a West Coast literary agent Nathan had one of the most popular blogs in the literary world. Now that he has quit being an agent, he writes as a hybrid author, who publishes in both realms, digital and print. Definitely worth the read.

The Book Deal – Alan Rinzler, a veteran editor from way back, doesn’t blog very often ( about every six weeks), but when he does it is usually worth the wait. Be sure to check  out his post about giving the Beatles a bad review when they first toured America.

The Book Designer – Joel Friedlander practices what he preaches……he designs books.

Query Tracker – This site publishes a blog three times a week with a variety of writers participating as blogger.

Paperback Writer – Lynn Viehl, a successful paperback writer, publishes almost daily on a variety of topics, ranging from photos of her pet cat to pending pending submission oppurtunities.

Terrible Minds – The irascible Chuck Wendig always has something interesting to say.

Chuck Sambuchino’s Guide To Literary Agents – If finding a mainstream publisher is your thing, this blog might be for you. Chuck used to blog on his own, but now he places his posts with the Writer’s Digest site.

A Short List of Best Literary Blogs

If a list of 101 literary blogs seems like a real time killer (especially if you read each), then you might want to go to Positive Writer, where you can find a list of 25 writing blogs. The site is the product of Bryan Hutchinson, an author who focuses mainly on motivation issues.  His popular blog has received numerous awards, just not any from Writer’s Digest.


Cat's eye Nebula from NASA
Cat’s eye Nebula from NASA

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