Try Indie First

Working alone can be very productive
Working alone can be very productive, painting by Vermeer

“If you aren’t in the top 1%, self-publishing is your only option. If you are in the top 1%, self-publishing is your best option. There is no way I would recommend that someone BEGIN their writing career with a query letter. None.” ¬† by Hugh Howey (self-pub mega-selling author)

Downloading An Ebook

I have had my Nook HD+ for almost a year now and I can now say that I am very satisfied for with the purchase. This is especially true since Barnes & Noble (the company that sells the Nook) added Google Play and lowered the price. True I can’t Skype or take photos, but it most other desired tasks, the tablet has performed remarkedly well. I have even come to enjoy the e-reader portion of the Nook. And this comes from someone who publishes and sells almost exclusively online. Nonetheless, my ebook downloads have been few and far between and usually of the free variety. My exceptions have been a couple of books about how to use a Nook and a very recent purchase about Indie publishing.

The Book

The book is called The Indie Author Survival Guide and the author is named Susan Kaye Quinn. Susan is a midlist self-published author. Besides the above mentioned survival guide she has published ¬†fiction titles that include The Faery Swap, the Mindjack Trilogy and the Debt Collector Series. She has some experience with small press publishers, but early on decided on the Indie route. This decision becomes the background for The Indie Survival Guide and a positive attitude that can best be expressed as “Try Indie First”.

Why Self Publish?

Self publishing (or being an indie author) might be the first choice for writers trying to breakout for several reasons. First of all going the agent route to a well-connected NYC publisher is getting more difficult all the time. As a result many who do succeed with that effort do not make all that money, when eventually they do get published. Miss Quinn goes on to say that first time authors need to get their work out in front of an audience, where they can get feedback and build a following. This is more important, even though it is highly probable that a newbie indie author will make less than $500 a year…….All in all, this is pretty heady advice from a midlist specalative fiction writer.

Earthrise from the moon, courtesy NASA
Earthrise from the moon, courtesy NASA

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