Earth Day Revisited

Earth Day Flag, from wikipedia
Earth Day Flag, from wikipedia

Looking Back

It’s now been 45 years since the first Earth Day was celebrated, so maybe now is a good time to take a look back and see how we are faring with our small blue planet. Even though Earth Day is not as big a deal as it used to be, environmental and ecological awareness is essential for a sane humane existence on this planet. As usual, the bad news outweighs the good news, but still I will begin with the positive.

The Good News

The good news comes mainly in the realm of development of renewable energy sources. Geothermal and hydro-electric have been around for a long time and still continue to supply portions of the current population with electricity. Geothermal is rather limited and hydro-electrical has been much criticized for its role in the deterioration of our river system. However, what is now happening is the substantial growth and improvement in quality of wind and solar power. Solar power, especially, has improved in quality and economic feasibility and as a result is a rapidly growing source of electricity in many parts of the world.

The Bad News

Unfortunately, there is plenty of bad news to go around with perhaps the most depressing figure being the continuous growth of population on a worldwide basis. Does anyone remember Paul Ehrlich and his zero-population-growth theories? (We sure could use a little bit of his awareness at this point in time, as our planet continues to be overwhelmed with unchecked growth and expansion.)

Not surprisingly, nearly every over environmental issue such as climate change, water quality, air pollution, loss of wild lands, loss of arable land, the expansion of deserts and the diminishing numbers of wildlife, all seem tied into the population growth. This trend seems destined to continue, even though awareness of environmental issue at the government level seems to be increasing.

our throwaway consumer habits are creating scenes like this one
our throwaway consumer habits are creating scenes like this one

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