man on a quest, photo by author
man on a quest, photo by author


The above image depicts a man on a quest. In past eras, this role has been primarily reserved for the male gender, but today anybody can go on a quest – male or female — no questions asked.

After contemplating the subject matter for a second or two, I decided to jot down a few characteristics of a person, who has set on a quest.

  1. One specific goal  —  In this case we do not know what this man’s goal might actually be, but we do know that he has set himself on a narrow path, symbolized by the pole he is walking on.
  2. Traveling Light  — Traveling light symbolizes dedication to the task at hand. In many cases, material objects are excess baggage.
  3. Little Room for Error — As in this case and with many other quests there is not much room for variation. If you veer to the right or the left, you fall off the path.
  4. No distractions  —  In a true quest, the traveler or voyageur cannot be distracted by events along the way. In this case, the man must ignore the crane. It is a bad distraction.
  5. Search for truth — Historically, quests have always been associated with a better understanding of the laws of Nature and human endeavors. That is probably true today as well.

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