The Longest Reply

Writer waiting for an e-mail reply, biblical painting by William Blake

In My Inbox

Today, in my e-mail inbox I received another form rejection. That in itself is nothing out of the ordinary, for I get these things all the time. But what set this particular reply apart from all the other replies is that it took the agent, two years and three months to return the e-mail. I’m sure in the overall scheme of things this is no record, but for my particular literary endeavors it is definitely a major milestone, for I have never had to wait so long for a rejection.

A Glimmer of Hope

And then from all the information conveyed to me by this agent, who I will allow to remain anonymous, there was this little glimmer of hope.

“Regarding your submission, while there’s much to like, I’m afraid I’m not connecting enough emotionally to your characters, which ultimately means I’m not connecting enough with the content of your story. “

This in itself wouldn’t be so bad except for the fact that it was obviously part of a form letter. A few original words would have been greatly appreciated, but I guess it just wasn’t going to happen on this day. Maybe this agent would have been better off, if he had sent no reply at all. After all that seems to be the current form of saying no.



An Afternoon Visit to an Empty Church

Our Lady of Guadalupe Church sits along the San Juan River in Northwestern New Mexico, photo by author

The Church

The church was built in 1920 and still stands on a bluff overlooking the beautiful, aqua green-colored San Juan River. It’s a small building, but apparently the congregation has moved away or now attends mass somewhere else. I just happened across this place last Sunday and was struck by the awesome locale of the small church. Not far away is the Navajo Dam and behind that is the man-made Navajo Lake, but if you approach this special place from the south, you would never know that they were there.

The interior of this church captures the afternoon light on a spring day with great grace.


In the afternoon light, the church interior took on an almost mystical air, as the intense Southwest sun filtered through the small window above the altar and illuminated the sacred space with sunlight. Fortunately, the camera easily captured this event.


A vase with the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe sits in one of the church windows, photo by author

Our Lady of Guadalupe 

According to Catholic Online the Virgin Mary first appeared to Juan Diego, a 57 year old Aztec man in 1531, near present day Mexico City. Even from the beginning Juan believed in what he saw on the hillside, but the priests at the nearest church were not so convinced. Gradually, over a few weeks, more appearances by the loved Saint along with a miraculous cure convinced the church elders that the Holy Virgin was present in Mexico.

Here she took on the name of Our Lady of Guadalupe and her likeness, which mysteriously appeared on a Spanish tilma back in 1531, has been reproduced and copied all throughout Mexico and the Southwest USA, numerous times. Many churches of the region, both small and large, bear her name as does this small chapel built in 1920.


This rural Colorado scene was taken from right near I was staying recently.
This rural Colorado scene was taken from right near I was staying recently.


Currently, I find myself in a place that is called the western slope of Colorado. Situated, halfway between Denver and Salt Lake  City, this part of the state sees much less traffic than other places. I snapped this picture of the surrounding grassland and alkali flats recently on my way into town. Since then I have been staying in town.



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POST #400……….Happy Birthday America

American flags in Wells Beach, by author
American flags in Wells Beach, Maine….photo by author


from Democracy Is Coming To The USA    by Leonard Cohen

The US Needs Better Democracy

If there is one thing that seems apparent (at least to me) from this years presidential election is that America can do better with selecting its presidential candidates. This year with the looming nominations (things could still change) of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, it appears to me we are choosing two candidates that have mastered the fine art of using political position to obtain personal wealth.

True, we have had wealthy candidates and presidents in the past (JFK was actually one of the wealthiest), but they always seem to put some sort of national agenda ahead of their own personal gain. So far, this year seems to be different. On one hand you have a man, who brags about his wealth and uses this situation as a qualification for the highest political office in the land. On the other hand, you have a former Senator and Secretary of State, whose paid speeches would violate many ethics rules if she was still in the Senate or State Department.

So considering all that’s gone down so far, I’m hoping that both major parties circumvent what’s gone down in the primary process and go back to the drawing board in coming up with a presidential candidate…………… It’s not too late, really.


The old and the new in our first national capitol, Philadelphia
The old and the new in our first national capitol, Philadelphia