It is important to note that most people spend about a third of their life in the sleeping mode.
It is important to note that most people spend about a third of their life in the sleeping mode.


I have no idea how the concept of time developed among primitive man, but it is definitely clear that today we are very aware of the concept of time; and in fact, have broken down the passage of time way beyond the concept of days. Today, we have broken the passage of time into hours, minutes, seconds and even fractions of seconds. This allows us to calculate many aspects of speed and physical performance, but also allows us to reflect on how we spend the 24 hours that encompass a whole day, which is the amount of time it takes our planet earth to complete one full rotation.


With this knowledge it is also possible for us to deduce how much of our lifetime is spent asleep. If we sleep eight hours a day, then we know that a third of our life is spent in the sleeping mode. This may seem like a lot, but it should be noted that any attempt to shorten this ratio usually results in catastrophic results for the person involved. With this in mind it is always good advice to get a “good nights’ sleep” no matter where you are.


Take A Deep Breath

Zion_angels_landing_view (1) small
Zion Canyon at sunset in Zion National Park as seen from Angels Landing looking south. from Wikipedia, photo by Diliff

Not The Tragedy That I First Thought It Was

Yesterday, I had a moment of sad regrets that left my mind racing and me pounding the table with my fist. No…… noboby died, I didn’t lose my job nor did I get evicted and be forced to move into a homeless shelter. The cold hard truth is that my laptop computer died.

Immediately, I started thinking how I could replace the invaluable electronic device with a new updated model complete with all the latest bells and whistles. In fact, this has been a move that I have been contemplating for quite some time. Only lack of funds and an old outdated Gateway that refused to die kept me using by old faithful friend.

Rider by H. Koppdelaney
Rider by H. Koppdelaney

Things Look Different This Morning

Today, the urge to buy a new internet device is not so much an overwhelming event, as it was yesterday. I had originally planned to make the purchase next month after I move. This morning that  still seems like a good idea. The damage to the computer is not fatal and my hard drive is probably OK. I have power to the laptop, but  the screen is black. Other more impressing problems like doing my laundry and going grocery shopping have arisen and taken the place of the computer with the black screen.

Chance Upon A Good Read

After my computer went down, I was lost as what to do, especially since there is limited TV reception out here in the wilds of Northern New Mexico. By chance I came upon a good read, titled The Snow Lion’s Turquoise Mane. The collection of very short stories is subtitled, Wisdom Tales from Tibet, and the text is written by Surya Das, a well known Buddhist teacher, who is referred to by the Dalai Lama, as the “American Lama” . So I guess I can say, all is not lost.