A Prize For the All Bloggers


drawing of a prize (trophy) for all bloggers

drawing of a prize (trophy) for all bloggers


This prize award is dedicated to all bloggers, both big and small, who toil and labor over their precious piece of web space, regardless to whether they attract a million viewers or just one or two. Much praise goes out to those who find success and riches through their internet activity, but a special thanks is in store for those who do this on a daily, weekly or monthly basis just to communicate and throw in their two cents worth.

Best wishes to all bloggers.

No More Yogi-isms

Yogi Berra, as remembered by Dave Granland

The Passing of a Verbal Yogi

Yogi Berra passed away this week. He lived to the grand old age of 90 until he succumbed a thing eventually takes us all. It’s called death. Though Yogi was a great player and manager, he also wrote books (nine by my count). Nonetheless, even though Yogi played in ten World Series (most ever), made the Baseball Hall of Fame and managed teams from both the National and American League that made it to the World Series, he will still be most remembered for his one liners. Now that’s testimony to the power of the spoken word. How many contemporary writers can claim to have had as much to say (and remembered) on the American psyche as Yogi Berra……Damn few.

Some Yogi-isms To Always Cherish

  1. If I didn’t make it baseball, I wouldn’t have made it workin’. I didn’t like to work.
  2. We made too many wrong mistakes.
  3. All pitchers are liars or crybabies.
  4. Little league baseball is a good thing because it keeps the parents off the streets.
  5. You can observe a lot by watching.
  6. The future ain’t what it used to be.
  7. You can’t hit and think at the same time.
  8. It’s deja vu all over again.
  9. When you come to a fork in the road take it.
  10. I didn’t really say everything that I said.

And last but not least: “Always go to other people’s funerals. Otherwise they won’t go to yours.”

Short Tribute

And as far as Yogi Berra’s funeral went, I haven’t read any press accounts, but I can only imagine that it was very well attended. And though we haven’t heard too much from the man lately (last book, You Can Observe a Lot By Watching, published in 2009) , nobody has captured the true essence of baseball as Yogi did with his catchy one-liners….that is…..back in the heyday before we had designated hitters and World Series games that are in competition with Halloween. Baseball just ain’t what it used to be.

Yogi Berra understood the true essence of baseball.

Yogi Berra understood the true essence of baseball.





Can you spot the villain in the forest?

Can you spot the villain in the forest?

Can you spot the real villain in this drawing?

Actually, the real villain here are the trees. They earn this honor because they are genetically-modified hybrids, which can not reproduce by seed. The trees have been developed to produce maximum yield timber, but once harvested, new seedlings are hand planted to insure a productive woodlot.

The Wolf, the Hunter and the Picnicker

The figures have both their good and points, but in general, these three are beneficial to the outdoor area. The hunter manages the wild game and the wolf, while avoiding the hunter, also helps control small animal populations, such as mice and rabbits. And finally the lady in red, through her picnicking activities adds small amounts of food to the food chain.

Left Out

The Star Trek TV series produced many commercial venues for its more popular characters.

The Star Trek TV series produced many commercial venues for its more popular characters.

Poor Dr. Spock

Poor ole Dr. Spock, he got left out of all the good parts. Had to sit on the sidelines all the time and back up Capt. Kirk during all his daring episodes. I guess you can say space exploration isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

Art Is Work

Venus at Vulcan's Forge, by Francis Boucher (1703-1760)

Venus at Vulcan’s Forge, by Francis Boucher (1703-1760)


There’s no way around it……Art is work. Unless you are a sculptor or mural painter, it’s a pretty good bet that you won’t  have to sweat and toil like Vulcan. On the other hand, you probably won’t have a scantily-clad goddess like Venus hanging out in your workshop either.This is especially true if you decide to pursue a career in the literary arts.

Still A Mind Game

Whether you are a sculpture putting together an over-sized display for the Burning Man Festival or just a mere digital artist glued to your computer screen, making art is still primarily a cerebral process. Some artists just might sweat a little bit more, when they make their ideas visible to the public.

Art Is Work

Though Art Is Work by Milton Glaser has been in print for 15 years, the lavishly illustrated book, still has meaning today. If you are at all familiar with Glaser’s posters and book covers, it becomes the quickly apparent that this commercial artist is very productive. The only way to achieve this productivity is through hours and hours of hard work. Producing any art is very similar to a musician practicing his scales, so he can master his instrument.

Writing As Art and Work

For the most part writing is not much different than creating visible images….It is a mental process that needs much study and practice before it can be presented to the general public in a digestible form. That’s all you need to know really. Now stop stop reading silly blogs like this one and get back to work.