Halloween in Vegas

A carved Jack O’lantern celebrates Halloween, photo from Wikipedia by Jackins


For some strange reason, Halloween this year has me down and out in the city of Las Vegas Nevada, though not so down and out that I couldn’t afford a cheap motel room for a week (Vegas has lots of good offers in that category) and a night out on the town on All Hallows Eve. (that was last night Oct. 31) For somebody in my position, the choice is not hard to make….Head straight to Fremont St. in the downtown area and check out all the free shows. This includes the live music shows on stage, the street performers, the light show that comes up every hour from 6 p.m. till midnight and the constant parade of costumed partygoers that roam up and down the wide avenue that has mostly become a pedestrian walkway. And if you get thirsty, you can always go inside and buy a cheap beer. Then there are always the ever-present slot machines, which could conceivably pay for your night out. They almost did for me, but even so I enjoyed the evening thoroughly.

Fremont street and its canopy during the daytime, photo from Wikipedia by Mikerussell

The Call

During my night out on the town, I had a lot to celebrate and think about. For during that very afternoon I had received an e-mail

from an interested agent about a screenplay I had written about a year and a half ago and circulated through an equerry service back in May. And the strangest thing about all of this was that the person had a physical address and phone number right here in Las Vegas (Did she know I was in town for a few days?). So without any ado and with much excitement, I e-mailed back a reply complete with a brand new synopsis that I had worked two hours on. Today, I received the bad news, a rather lengthy rejection on why she was passing. Still, the brief rush of excitement made my day and at the same time I was glad I had resisted the urge to contact her directly by phone or personal appearance. (It was very tempting)

Las Vegas today at dusk, photo from Wikipedia by Ville Miettinen

Do e-query services work?


I’ll address this issue in more detail later, but my first attempt at this much-frowned-on method of querying

yielded surprisingly good results. Though the inquiries were few and far between, I achieved what I hadn’t been able to do by querying on my own … and that is find some  legitimate insiders in the film business to read my screenplays. No offer of representation came with these readings, but my limited success was a big improvement from my own direct query efforts.