A Writer’s Quickie Guide To New Year Resolutions

Homer Simpson busy at work at the typewriter
Though seldom used today, the typewriter is a perfectly acceptable means of writing.

It Really Doesn’t Matter How You Write

I guess it kind of goes without saying that it doesn’t matter so much as to how you put the words down, just so long as you write. Really, all you need is a pen or pencil and something to write on. Paper products, such as notebooks, napkins, paper towels or actual plain sheets of paper are preferred, but in all honesty, it doesn’t matter what the material is.

Corn writing is not recommended because the writing surface is left exposed to the elements
However, Corn Writing is not recommended because the writing surface is left exposed to the elements, which can lead to a rapid deterioration of your content.

Resolutions Condensed

The following New Year’s resolutions are condensed so that you will have more time to enjoy the New Year’s festivities. You can worry about writing something profound after the First of the Year.

OK, guys and dolls, here they are…..Write better and more often and sober. Try something new, finish it. NETWORK!!! Procrastinate less and read more. And don’t forget that perfectionism is the death of creativity.

There you go; I can’t be much more precise than that. Now go out and party and don’t think about writing until next year.

Happy New Year everybody
Happy New Year everybody

Merry Christmas In Eastern Europe & My New Year’s Resolutions

Christmas In Russia
Giant Christmas Tree In Moscow, from Flickr, photo by loscuadernosdejulia

Orthodox Christmas Not everybody in the world celebrates Christmas on the 25th of December. The most notable exceptions are the Orthodox churches of Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Macedonia, Moldovia, Montenegro and Serbia, along with the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria  and the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. Merry Christmas to all those who are celebrating today.

Christmas In St. Petersburg
Christmas In St. Petersburg, Russia, photo from Flickr by Andywon

My New Year’s Resolutions For Writers

Since Christmas is finally coming to an end and the chilling cold weather of January is about to descend on us, perhaps it is time for all dedicated writers to snuggle up next to the fire and start putting pen to paper. We may be glad we did, when winter turns to spring and our literary endeavors are rewarded with publication credits and movie rights……… Just dreaming, but here are my ten resolutions anyway.

The Resolutions

1. Post more often at Yeyeright (This resolution probably won’t last through the month of January, but it’s worth a try anyway)

2. Say Good-bye to the content market (presently, I have content available at Demand Studios, Hub Pages, Associated Content and Helium. Although I now receive only monthly royalties, Demand Studios has been the only one that was worthwhile, and even that was close to marginal)

3. Attend at least one writers conference    (Several years ago I attended the Grub Street conference in Boston and I enjoyed it very much. I think it’s about time I try another conference)

4. Finish my uncompleted novel (It’s been uncompleted for several years)

5. Finish my uncompleted screenplay (Screenplays are much easier to finish than a novel, but very difficult to sell. Actually, this is the one resolution I might skip.)

6. Party more (This might be the most important resolution for any writer, no matter what his or her genre may be)

7. Join a writer’s group maybe ????????(I have never been much on writer’s groups and don’t think 2013 will change that.)

8. Travel to Europe (I have been there twice already. Another visit may be in order.)

9. Submit ideas, articles and short fiction to more markets.

10. Sleep-in more often (This resolution goes hand-in-hand with resolution #6)

So there you go with my New Year’s Resolutions. Let me know what resolutions you intend to make and actually keep.

Orion Nebula
Orion Nebula: The Hubble View
Credit: NASA, ESA, M. Robberto (STScI/ESA) et al.

Help Yeyeright Keep His New Year Resolutions