A black and white drawing of an Adirondack shelter, drawing by author
A pen and ink drawing of an Adirondack-style shelter, drawing by author

This beautiful camping excursion to a remote, mountain lean-to, is about to be interrupted by an uninvited guest.


Cheap Vacation

My idea of a cheap vacation, drawing and photo by author
My idea of a cheap vacation on a tropical isle, drawing and photo by author.

Cheap Vacation

The dead of winter has arrived (especially here in northern Montana), where I now live. What better time than now to take a cheap tropical vacation. Unfortunately, I think I forgot the rum.


Most of my realistic drawings and paintings can probably be defined as whimsical. However, when this idea popped up as a topic at Illustration Friday, I came up with this idea of a guy sitting at his desk, watching a rocket ship descend towards earth.

The Night View, a drawing by Henri
The Night View, a drawing by Henri