Happy New Year

my self-portrait
Self-portrait of myself at work with the camera

As I write this we are getting hammered with a pretty intense snowstorm. I expect by this time tomorrow we will have a foot of the white stuff covering the ground and transforming our landscape into a snowy, white plain. Further north along the coast or “Down East” as the eastern most counties are referred to, the snow totals may be even greater.  So many of us here in the Pine tree State may have had a green Christmas, but it seems like we are in for a very white Christmas.

I thought I would take a few minutes and share a few images with anybody, who may be thumbing through these words. I’d like to tell you about my New Year’s resolutions, but I haven’t made any, unless you count promising to cut down on my caloric intake. Though I have to admit that I do this every year an it lasts a few weeks, but it doesn’t last much longer. Still somehow I make it through the years holdin my own.

Snow People
Snow People in South Portland, Maine

Here’s another picture from the past year. Snow gnomes is what I call them. Just piles of snow on top of some outdoor electrical boxes. This picture is just from over a year ago.

And then finally here’s a good way to light up a winter’s night when you’re thinking of taking a Jimmy Buffet-style holiday in the Caribbean instead of slogging your way to work through four-foot snow drifts. No here’s another Happy New Year to you (I think that’s two) and I’ll get back on tract next week, when everyone, including me, returns from our winter recess and goes back to doing what we were before the holidays swept through our lives.

Best wishes and good tidings,

Everett Autumn

Toucan with mugs of beer

Searching For The Picture

A picture of me as reflected in a mirror
A picture of me as reflected in a mirror

Here is a picture of yours truly searching the backroads and byways for that keeper of a photograph. In this case, the place is the narrow gauge railroad museum in Portland, Maine. In essence, it is a photographer’s delight, for the museum yard is filled with old railroad cars in various states of repair (and disrepair). But don’t dispare, for the railroad still runs, at least during the long, summer days and again for a few trips at Christmas to view the nighttime lights. I go here to the place of old train cars during the daytime in my search for unique images. Here is my found image for the day.

A white metal pipe against a red background.
A white metal pipe against a red background.

Recognize the white metal pipe and the red background? It also appears in the top photograph. Maybe, one can see the searching process that takes place when they go out with the purpose of making pictures. I have traveled to Europe with my camera and brought home some good photos and I have also rambled around the streets of the coastal city, where I live in Maine and again found some worthwhile scenes. And in the long run, it probably doesn’t matter too much where you go, for you can find a good picture almost anywhere, even right inside your own home.

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